DIY Beauty Oasis
DIY Beauty Oasis

How Do You Do a DIY Beauty Oasis? | Bathroom Makeover | DIY Home Decor

Home Decor Bathroom . we are currently inside the home that Joe and I live in and we have two bathrooms one of them is behind me and today’s video is all about basically turning this bathroom into a beauty oasis for me because this is where I get ready every day i love doing my hair and makeup because my theme this year is all about refreshing.
I want to refresh the space make it organized and inspiring so we’ll do it alright so here it is now what I love about this bathroom it is the original bathroom to the house was built in nineteen twenty-seven so it has the original tile in here black-and-white tile with some beautiful architectural elements but it’s a little bit clean what we did to dress it up at first was to paint the walls so we painted this gray color almost as a little bit of a purple tinge to it now we need to personalize it I need to personalize it may get my face started the shower shall we I want to bring in some texture and some feminine first thing that jumped out at me with this amazing shower curtain it has the gray colors and it from the wall but then it also has this beautiful soft pink also very bohemian i personally like that style a lot I have a stack of rub I love the idea of maybe doing some layer drugs in here I’ve got the black and white but then I also have some softer colors here and then.

How Do You Do a DIY Beauty Oasis? | Bathroom Makeover | DIY Home DecorĀ 



I’ve got a stack of towels here what I love to do when i decorate about them is to create a mood with towels not necessarily getting all matching have one that has fringe here have this gray color this nice soft pink and then this towel here matches the shower curtain let me tell you a little story about a short long lady this girl had way too many bottles and didn’t use nearly half of them what do you do throw them all out and simplify really i only use too much three things in the shower i have dry hair so i have this argon oil shampoo and conditioner and then ate nice natural soap I like to use one that doesn’t have fragrance and parabens and all that minute stuff and this is a beautiful shea butter so just have to get a relation where alright so i have this beautiful shower hurt now on the rod I chose this kind of gun metal metal color for the ring bringing in a little bit of that masculinity that’s happening in the tile this looks so beautiful i love it already giving me the Oasis five these rugs are going to bring some softness underfoot and also bring in the texture and i love the black and white with this floral let’s play this one down just right here in the center.


And then this one is last year it also has some silver thread woven in here which is perfect cause i’m playing with mixed metals and well in here laying it horizontally to this one place vertically aight stool isn’t always something that you think about in a bathroom but I love having a so you can set you can put your lotion on or put my makeup on in the mirror and look how cute this tool is with the tassels having an upholstered element in a bathroom is very luxurious calling all right so i really do think that there is nothing more oasis like than a basket full of different textures with the pink in this creamy and i have brought the gray and black and the way it’s all represented in this one beautiful back this built in here really makes this bathroom just look so quintessentially vintage it’s just this beautiful built-in cabinets so this is a great place to showcase the color palette.


So I’m going to play some role towels here so that when you first walk into the bathroom you see these so obviously it does very large vanity here first I want to establish some more design and we have these weird square things that actually were the old exterior windows to the house because this used to be the only bathroom in the house you haven’t really done anything we thought about shells or cabinet doors but for now I’m just going to put some pretty decor elements like this amazing set of resin antlers with flowers of the so pretty this negative space needs something and I’m going to put this amazing cactus i personally love the fact i think that they have a very zen quality and then over here in this where I didn’t want to do the same two things i wanted to balance it with one thing is the rule of three is always key when you’re making something look decorated this is a DIY I made with some embroidery hoops and some yarn and look at the color they work perfectly with the color palette that’s established in the shower curtain i love bringing in trade I think that that is a wonderful way to contain an area brings in the wicker from the basket so this will be perfect for some simple beautiful glass canister two things i use on the rag cotton pads and top slots they’re white and pillowy and soft-looking so I’m totally okay we’re looking at them through the clear lack the village area here it’s fine i’m a little stool it’s by the shower so i am going to place just some select products that are my special products that I use every day so this is a body oil and what I love about this is its natural this just has three ingredients also love the packaging of this looks kind of vintage it as the black around here in the tile to think about that when you’re placing products around can’t say enough how much i love this it is not on it is geometric and this cool little chalkboard with the wood frame brings in another natural element do you die are these the most amazing rather than lovers so obviously these are totally or the display on the vanity top I just need something to hold them picked up these two containers this was just a little glass laws which will be perfect and then this is actually a toothbrush holder this doesn’t have to be to the shoulder can be regular you make your own rules we also have this black handles contour brush which I love these little short contour brushes mm so pretty i want to bring in another moment of greenery because I just love having plants around me it’s very calming and relaxing and this was actually another DIY so this is a bug from target this is a porcelain pen that I just used to create a fun little pattern and look at this little succulent look he has a pale for this surface here I want to bring in some more organization i’m going to put this organizer here it’s perfect because it has different compartments which helped to have everything have a home some of the key products that i like to have around my toner which i use after it comes my fees I love this pic siglo tonic it’s amazing let me write renew original cream to also use on a daily basis to moisturize my kansas is another product from the SOB basics again only have three ingredients i love it’s a mask so I don’t use that on the daily basis but I use it on a weekly basis this is something that I’m obsessed with to let me be me cushion i use this all the time when I want full coverage and also have an SPF and also i just think it looks really clean and classy this is just a little Lantern i love bringing in the element of clear glass it’s very calming as well and of course candles are amazing when you’re taking a bath the matching little canister container that goes with the toothbrush holder that have the brushes and over there some bringing in that element but what to put in here black wash cloth when I take my makeup off to dry my face.


I don’t want to use white towels as it always gets all over the beauty items I’m going to put my neutral eyeshadow palette that I use every day along with some other asics baby powder and now some hair brushes i love this is like a rose gold one and look at these are vintage brush and comb and this is actually from Joey’s mom she gave them to me they long to Joey’s grandma that’s really cool I need to just add one element of greenery I have the cacti going on over there so let’s bring in a little succulent and again this is another just simple log using the porcelain pen I just made some cool little wavy organic lines so I have a lot going on elsewhere i want to keep the sink area pretty simple i just need the necessary so how was a vintage awesome this toothbrush holder so this is the bathroom that I get ready and Joe it’s really in the bathroom so i have this more we’ll just the shoulder which might take two French for the hands so what I like to do rather than buying the plastic containers of hand so a lot of eco-friendly i get these refillable hand soaps and then obviously use the dispenser these smaller versions of the larger apt owls they use in the basket over there arguably the most important area in a bathroom the toilet got a jazz it up a little bit right I’m going to start with some tissues because i like to have tissues on the back of the toilet just adds a little spring like these little small tissue boxes are more compact and then of course at issue cover bring in a metallic element over here a beautiful candle because sometimes it’s nice to light a candle after you do beautiful things in the toilet because I just love them and they’re so cute and I want to keep it simple in here but i do want to add a moment of art here above the toilet and this is a beautiful photograph that my friend Sophia toe pretty it was in Joshua Tree I think so if we put this up with just a little bit of washi tape my video asus unfortunately has trash bringing in the brush pretty steel look of this tissue holder i love this trick because it’s so annoying when there is an extra 12 / on hand this is a tall vase that just conveniently fit roles to liver and it’s gonna go right here

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