how to decorate your home
how to decorate your home

How to decorate your home from the Goodwill and Dollar Store

How to decorate your home .  this is Lena aka street rat dog she’s used to live on the streets we call the street rat but trust me now she’s super pampered evolved I don’t want to get on YouTube and make this video about how to decorate on a dime because or AKA decorate on the super cheap because I feel like a lot of.



I don’t know advice and that sort of thing for decorating on the cheap implies decorating tacky or like you think of like decorating from like the Good Will or the dollar store thrifting and at least for me a lot of times what comes to mind is like super super cluttered like a lot of knickknacks everywhere and just like dirty almost and I don’t know and I you know if that is your style and you really like a lot of knickknacks and a lot of things all over the place like awesome more power to you you find a salad you love great but for me personally i like more of a streamlined decorating and I don’t feel like there’s a lot of videos on YouTube that showcase how to decorate super cheap but still make things look really classy so I wanted to show you kind of a few things that I’ve done around my home to decorate and literally everything you’re going to see have come from either the good will the dollar store the dollar tree or a thrift shop / garage sale.


How to decorate your home from the Goodwill and Dollar Store



I might show you guys a couple things that like I’ve done like do it yourself and for some of those things that hydroponic fabric and that sort of thing that came from a fabric store but every item that you’ll see i purchased I’m the super super cheap and I think it looks really nice so are you ready hello I’m going to take you guys into my entryway.


And I just wanted to kind of orient you here on this is where i was just filming this is one area that I have decorated completely from the dollar tree and the goodwill this little basket it’s kind of just like a a woven decoration it was originally intended to be a basket I think honestly I think it was supposed to how is like chip and dip which is really nasty to me but it wasn’t dirty at all it’s completely clean i’ll show you guys that I just picked up in like the basket section of the good well see what i mean i’m not really sure it’s super awkward but I really thought this pattern was really modern and the woven look just gave a lot of texture and i paid i think less than a dollar for this but I just hung it on my wall in my entryway and then down here on this is just those decals you can find them at target and they’re like twenty dollars or so this is from the dollar tree.


I mean it’s a Bible verse from John 15:12 and I just thought it was really beautiful and kind of tied together this area so this entire art work area on this side wall cost me less than two dollars I think that’s good deal ok so sort of taking you guys on the art seem this is more art that i was able to create from the good well when you guys go into the good well you really have to look at the items there and say okay what can I make out of this because you’re not going to walk into the goodwill and find art that looks really nice in fact a lot of the big pieces are gonna be really ugly like from the nineties just like not looking so hot so you have to keep a super open mind and be prepared to put a little bit of time into it because if you want to save a dime you do have to put in time that’s just a fact but this is a frame that i found on and inside the frame i can’t remember what it was it was just an extremely ugly piece of our i think it was like just like flowers music flower pictures from the nineties that are not a nice back then but aren’t so nice right now I just took that out and I mean this is the frame it’s you know it’s just a nice standard black frame dialectics I didn’t have to do anything to it but I put a matting into the frame I actually took this to michaels and they cut down on a mat really really small which I think just looks really beautiful on the wall like this it’s a statement piece and that cost me I think eight dollars no seven dollars for the mat and then the frame was like 499 so for everything together I’m not sure not going to math on my twelve dollars for the entire project and then in here on I actually got my master’s degree from overseas in Spain and i took a ton of pictures and i just put it into a sepia color and on set it in the center of the frame so it has a lot of meaning to our family I think the coloring really complements our couch and our pillows and that sort of thing so there you go decorating on a dime alright that looks expensive for twelve books ok also this is something that I didn’t buy from the dollar store.


I inherited this next item and i just made it better so these chairs in our dining room we inherited this entire dining room set it was from my husband’s grandmother so I just didn’t like the fabric that it was done and it was a dated green so I just went to the fabric store and I just picked up a few yards of this fabric because I thought it was really pretty and classy and reupholstered a chair um now just like to point out on the scale like one to ten one being not handy at all and 10 being super handy I’m like a negative point 7 5 not even kidding and i was able to reupholster this chair i was able to that’s how easy it is i’ll see if i can get under here if you’ve never really posted a chair just quick google it and you’ll get like a jillian results for it you just have to make sure to pull the fabric . but i think that diners that looks really nice and matches really well with the wall color which is bears contemplation by the way he wanted to know ok so this area is also in our dining room done completely on a dime over here we have this um what do you even call that I don’t know you’re probably saying you’re thinking I’m stupid whatever is that you keep china in china cabinet for you um I want to do something on the opposite side of the wall and any art that was really big was really expensive so these shelves are from ikea i think i paid i don’t know twelve dollars per shelf or something like that but the on a dime part was actually the things that I put on it everything that you see here was purchased from the goodwill so here i got these frames there and then I just took scrapbook paper and put it inside these have bible verses written on them and this has a dove and I thought the gold frame was a nice contrast also from the goodwill and I put one of our engagement pictures in there so this entire section of the wall was done super super cheap we are talking like including the shelves under forty dollars ok so back in the entryway again on this is an armoire that we inherited so i just wanted to point out what the goodwill is amazing for but also what it’s not a lot of like my glassware that I keep in here i get from the goodwill why because it’s super super cheap.


And if I just I hear this this is an example of something I got from the good well i don’t know if you can tell but this is an extremely high quality base it is really really heavy it is super thick fabric is really nice i think i paid less than two dollars for this item and even when i checked out the lady was like this is only two dollars and I was like yeah it’s a good deal right this is something that you want to buy a good will I think we got flowers as a gift in this so i didn’t buy this but this is something you don’t want to buy at the goodwill why because you can find it at the dollar tree for one dollar and the good will charge you like to for it so I mean not that much of a difference but you want to be picky with your basis because the dollar tree has so many options here’s another example we use actually this farce and ceremony at our wedding from the dollar tree so anyway this one is another good example of something you would want to purchase from the good well it’s just this really nice pedestal glass I’m kind of a cool geometric pattern I put candies in here or sometimes when we have parties and that sort of thing i’ll put mins or something like that but i purchased this at the good well I think i paid a dollar ninety-nine for it and I’m sure this was far more expensive when it was originally purchased ok so here’s another example of how to decorate cheaply from a dollar short these are our bookshelves and we on their built his and we just painted the back green so they would really stand out but these letters up here selling out more are from the dollar tree and like i said i speak spanish fluently so it’s kind of like an ode to what we love and all of these frames here we’re less than a dollar each and they all match and they look really nice this elephant I found at the goodwill i think i paid a dollar for him.


And I call him Paco and I think he’s absolutely amazing he may not be your style but I adore him so anyway I’m just a few little things I didn’t like over clutter it or make it you just look filled with things i just find like a few staple items and purchase them and one good thing to remember is that you guys do not have to go into the goodwill and buy something every single time in fact i don’t buy a lot of things in the good well most of the time I don’t buy things I tend to buy things like maybe once every six times or something like that sometimes I’ll go in and I’ll have this fabulous day but truly truly truly it takes time to find this stuff don’t get discouraged if you go into the good well in the home decor section and you don’t see something you love right away so now we are upstairs in our hallway and I just wanted to show you this decorative area yet again more of those and even know what you call them wall art cling to the wall art from the dollar tree every day is a gift and I just thought that was really beautiful and kind of tie this connection or the Sun collage rather of frames together these frames are from ikea and they were only a few dollars each so this was not something that was from the goodwill or dollar tree but there’s so very cheap and you could probably do this even cheaper using frames from the dollar tree because they actually have really nice frames ok so now i’m in the guest bedroom and this is eventually gonna be our nursery so we like never go in here but i thought that this was a good purchase I’m especially for the future this land can be used anywhere I found this lamp at the goodwill and I was so excited because there’s a lamp like this from Pottery Barn that’s uber expensive and this one was a couple of dollars it didn’t come with the shade so i had to purchase that separately non light fixture and all that jazz but i just think this land is amazing you can put different things inside of it looks really nice this table also we came from the good well i just used a can of spray paint to paint it white because it was a super ugly wood color and then I picks up um this hardware from lowes for just a couple of dollars to create a pretty side table that we can use when this room is a nursery or just right now ok so you can still be organized and decorative at the same time super Jeep.


I totally just took my glasses so this is a cabinet that i purchased from personal purchases from oh yeah but nothing beyond with a coupon obviously but I went and I to the dollar tree and I picks up these are mason jars i thought they were so cute one dollar and i use it to keep makeup containers q-tips and cotton balls and I just think it looks really nice in the bathroom a kind of ties everything together and my clutter is completely out of the way and you don’t see it because let’s face it guys this bathroom is really small so another thing the goodwill is great for is finding things like a napkin holders and these kind of like kitchen knickknacks please please please please please do not pay full price for those things because you can get them for so cheap at the good well we got the one in our dining room and the one in here full from the good well i paid 99 baskets guys baskets and the good well are like I’m serious they are everywhere now and some of the baskets are going to go in and seemed to like these are uglier like kind of grody don’t buy those you’re going to have to go in quite a bit be able to find a good quality basket like this i think i paid um my gosh probably three or four dollars for this basket and based on the quality of it um it’s got wiring on the inside

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