IKEA BEDROOM DECOR . it’s not that exciting but to me is I’m going to being a nike of all which is really great I’ve never done that kind of like bedroom decor type of all but my room was looking pretty dry and just blah and I liked it because I do like white and simple things but it just looks really dry and social i look at my videos about I’m just looks really just dry and blah so it needed like you know everything so this is how it looks like probably tell obviously if you think that are different but I’m going quickly quickly oh yeah i’m going to show you guys the things that I and picked up from ikea ok so the first thing i got was all yes ok so the first thing that I got is this what is it a bedside table no that’s a lie it’s a table lab yeah take that table.


And they call it you know I mean this is on the table and light comes through but yeah this is just how it looks like it just like to move it and stuff like that and I really they had like two different colors i think we had a cold one in the Civil War but this is literally matches my phone so i was like what if you can tell you probably corn but yeah it matches my phone because it was bald all right i’m getting this color so this is how it looks is really cool and actually been coming to a lot of great use because and my actual like Vegemite are quite bright and I have quite sensitive I so this has been kind of like my source of light when it gets quite dark and I don’t want the actual like a tree and lights on and so yeah this is how it looks and i just love the color.


And I feel like the kind of not really picking up by sucker to meet rose called but I kind of look a bit corporators at the same time but i really like that thing i got these plant not prompt box plot pots these are very popular on youtube I got to be to the smaller one and then or any larger one these are very popular YouTube everyone make we’re never heard of those so they just plant . they were everywhere lucky every turn there was like just this section full of those plant pots and and they also have black ones as well but i just thought i would go better with my bedroom so you’ve got those for my brushes and then I put like lip pencils and the fact that in the other one and and so I think if you like a physical show you know there’s one more thing with the next thing vehicle i had to quickly go get it was sitting there and if you could tell you probably couldn’t but I got this love of ours with these two fake and flowers and yes I just have no idea what these tax actually but yeah I got that I honestly I wanted to get captors so badly they had like a trio of cactus and I wanted it so badly he looks so cute using these the white parts which was go which would go in my room and what it was real.

And I was like do I really want to look after we have a lot of to call my teeth the ID I do it ok so i says to myself do I really want to look off the plants like know so i came to the decision not to get them even though they look so cute and i’m still I need to find some really good fake cactus like really small ones to put in my room something that’s so cute but end up getting these unlike and I think they have a cream flour is what is called a pink one and then be red one and the bars as well i just set that up on there so I think that’s everything I can physically show you yeah ok so the next thing is this bed sheet and you’re probably tell from all my videos I prefer white sheets I just like the look of it but why she’s are so difficult to maintain and like any form of dark or light if you get it just it’s just the pain to go in this week and and the ones i had were not the best of quality because white sheets can get super expensive but I saw this was actually my friend had this one is all right as i can get that and probably different color so i got this one in a great app ground white and it reminds me of come is kind of like Oh helium kind of what makes me feel at least a very kind of that bohemian situation.

I don’t know i’m going to this but I really like you i like the pattern and I was always kind of against not against but I just preferred plane it’s got white sheets are really expensive as I need to broaden my horizon and switch up so and I think it looks really great my room as well so yeah I got those machines the next thing I got is a perfume dish and I don’t have to specifically for perfumes was in the candle section but i’m thinking a candle wouldn’t be that big but I don’t know but yeah it’s just it was in a candle section it’s a white train i just thought that was really great to put my perfumes on because my perfect going to sit on the bedside table is a better table yeah a bedside table and kind of fit then I thought we needed something to kind of contain it and I just thought it was really cute and again it was why it was like a school is going to go to my room so I did end up getting that the next thing which you can probably tell like it’s only the first thing you saw when you click on this video is this rack which is behind me so I saw this clothing rack what.

I should i you’re going to get the chrome on mac and because I’ve had that kind of empty space and it’s just there so I’m you want to be why track and it’s so inexpensive and they had different ones but i chose the cheapest one and the one in black I’m black or I chose the one in white because I see the white one goes with my bedroom so what the white one and i really like it of course not gonna fit all your clothes on it or what I started to do is put the clothes that I wear the most and as you can see there’s a good color scheme it’s mainly beige black grades and like black and white stripes is about that and if I didn’t wear this was often i don’t want a bunch of different colors on there I kind of just wanted a color schemes are kind of put the software the most on there and it kind of just goes at the whole color scheme to see it wrapped all around around the left and the right I have these lights and i knew i wanted to wrap lights around the rack and I think this on pinterest or I was invented here and it came out looking cute so and I did that had a ton of different – they had and diamond one’s heart was colored ones by for a little bit tacky and so I guess I’d just get food go for the plain ones.

And I’ve picked up the cheapest ones but these ones are plugins and not battery-operated which is great because the ones on my bed which are not done now but you would see my other videos they’re battery operated and so by the time I finished one video that it would go like the battery would be that God and so is really difficult so I thought the plugins would work out a lot better so yeah I just have that wraps around and again I kind of just picked up the light just because I thought it would be cute kind of just add a bit of cumin to the room but actually come into a great use to that one on is whether it’s big table table the table lamp whatever that is that rose gold thing I showed you I haven’t had both those on just like a really nice zen and just really calm and just I like it a lot i think i should get in but i also picked up this huge is actually a be a job is a job juggle mark a big mug which is it slightly to the side of my head massive but I wanted this will be a empty and I kept seeing if you are kids I i really wanted I wanted this will be exactly what i wanted i saw on pinterest what I wanted but they didn’t have it and I kept going back and forth as I just want a clear market apartment in because I basically only drink almond tea and water and a drink water from a car and on with hope but yes I thought this is really good for pregnancy

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