How to decorate a small bedroom
How to decorate a small bedroom

Interior Design – How to decorate a small bedroom

Decorate a Small Bedroom. i’m rebecca ropes in interior designer business woman and mother join me as I take you through my projects my life and what keeps me driven to the top hi guys share of ups in here welcome back from your spring or Easter or otherwise hopefully enjoyable break we have been frantically busy here every up some design now coming back from our break Grayson’s been busy with his paintings for the desert rose in Kate’s been all over the showrooms map with follow up for our current projects I don’t know how you drive we’re all the samples are maybe a little Scott well I think he’s going to early menopause so we’ve been leaving him alone.
And Rebecca I don’t think she’s been feeling so hot it’s making our easter basket so far we’ve eaten all of my props and we haven’t got anything to you so today I thought I’d take over and show you guys my past bedroom my past apartment and my current one I’ve been working with Robinson design is the digital media and public relations manager for the past six months but I’ve been the beneficiary of my mother’s great design talents all my life the room my mom designed for me during my high school years really set the bar high she installed floor to ceiling mirrors which made the room feel much larger of course but also made it feel very elegant she removed my closet doors and made a comfortable area for me to do my schoolwork but what truly seal the deal and forever spoiled me with my closet a dedicated dressing room full wardrobe station again florida ceiling mirrors.


Interior Design – Decorate a Small Bedroom – Small Apartment



And amenities for all of my clothing and accessories it was a dream if you want to watch the full video of this room to her it will be in the description box below moving out and on to college mom came to the rescue once again this time in my dorm room we were conservative with our resources we even split the one duvet cover we had into two rows for the end of each bed this greatly improved the color and pattern balance in the room so if my high school room raised the bar my first apartment through the hat off of the house we fabricated and reclaimed wood wall in our living room which we duplicated conceptually in the bedroom we hardwired in a new chandelier and pendant lights we literally changed everything.


And then I just got interesting a little letter in the mail at my apartment design another 12 months we have to find something that’s more much much which basically means really we have to be I have to be out in her apartment so we had to take it all down apart and restore it to its pre ropes & state it was tragic but i did find something small yes but in the best location and at a price i could afford on my own so here’s the deal these used to be insurance place and they were hardwired all this stuff right what I need is now for these to be not hardwired for what he called a software dr dr by dr that was was that did I just walk right into that or whatever did we made a point to use as many existing pieces from my past department as possible it was necessary to buy a couple items but not too many and we went for sale pieces on the things we did purchase I it’s coming together we saw we had a short amount of time I wanted him to come against the measurement the things that we still need write this down charity everything right well like a good trainer he did not make my bed she’s really worried about her bed you guys I’m on it I was like tool boxes on for men like what right now i’m taking a family be great rsday where you are and Todd go up just a week you’re just be playing with you didn’t look at it all have the dimmers are you ready for my new apartment tour let’s take a look well hello welcome to my lovely beech tree house the challenge with a studio is you have to take one room essentially and make it into a multi-purpose space insurance case she needed a bedroom and a living room a place to entertain and watch television a home office and a closet all in one room so over here I have my lovely drapes on these are kind of the linen soft very flowy live by the beach.


So I didn’t want anything too thick all these things are actually from my old place my mom thought that we couldn’t actually do it or we didn’t buy anything new and we pretty much did I mean we used all the great furniture i had in my last place and made it work which that is an accomplishment for a ropes and woman ok we like to shop when it comes to color selection in a place like this it’s very neutral and very light in color I typically like to add pops of color with pillows art flowers things like that in this case we decided to keep it all very monochromatic and one of my favorite things about this room sitting in this little retro chair is these cool bottles I just think these are so pretty and putting them in the window you can appreciate them from the outside as well as from the inside and they are the jeweled ok so let me take you over here to the other part of my room if you haven’t noticed this is kind of the great room the very same betting that cher had in her last apartment and she has now of course her fabulous reclaimed wood headboard all white bedding.


I love always getting some really nice and this actually was a comforter that my mom cut into two and used it kind of as an end cap and then took this used to actually be one pillow when grand like your own time and she cut into that way I have a nice little accent pillow to throw my bed these actually used to be in my kitchen in my old place these were repurposed we use the cables to kind of ended up back behind the mirror so you don’t see the actual cord running down the entire wall that’s kind of a good tip that I learned from my mother see how does this work coming with glasses Benz Benz Benz Benz been so that’s what it’s all about over here as you can see even more bins on the side I’m place to put my workout clothes I have a lot of stuff how cool is this when she has to go to our laundry she pulls that one basket and good to go my great shower that looks like I found this don’t be confused it is this small in real life I found some little white shelves and i stacked them on top of each other and she’s able to have extra toilet paper cute little look at this that’s resin take shouldn’t have to worry about it diet might you dusted every once in awhile it doesn’t have to worry about a diet the entire apartment is about 350 square feet so it’s a very very small area that being said we had to do a couple different really strategic things to make the space feel bigger these two have cabinet doors on them much like the one over here I and it just felt very constricted and came outta – and she had the idea to open them up take the doors off and actually paint the entire seeing all white if you have some bright color dishes it’s actually a fun touch this wall was just plain blank wall and as you can tell i have a bit of a dilemma I’ve got a cabinet that opens here in the fridge and oven here however with that worse nice little anthro apron how can any girl have an apartment without ran through a prima donna me here was the last piece we added to this place and it was so necessary i think if the owners of this department are watching they should buy these permanently for these places this is a very inexpensive cabinet that we added don’t judge me based on my lack of food

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