Interior Design — Luxurious New Traditional Family Home

Traditional Home I fell in love with this house two years ago I coincidentally had taken pictures of it probably 13 years ago when the real estate agent drove me up to the house I couldn’t believe it was this house that I had photographs so long ago it’s just beautiful the proportions the charm the character the people who lived here had been here for 50 years and it was like a movie set straight out of mad men it was left one capsule we’ve changed literally every single thing about the interior we stripped out all of the plaster walls we stripped it back down to the bricks and rebuilt it I always like a more contemporary feel in a kitchen family room where you’ve got a lot of activity it gets a lot of wear tear but then with the formal entertaining and public spaces.

I like a sophisticated more elegant field one of the most important things is the flow I think it’s very important to be able to experience the whole house the dining room the living room maybe get used ten percent of the time but I don’t want them to be sequestered off and never experienced so I like that we opened up the archway so that you really got a feeling of the light and space and the flow and I get to experience the living room and dining room on a daily basis.

Interior Design — Luxurious New Traditional Family Home


I say that the things that matter most to me would probably be the paintings their family heirlooms their pieces that I’ve inherited from my parents so they’re very sentimental as far as furnishings go I do like to reuse pieces i really believe that style is an evolution and my home I think really reflects that I don’t think my style has changed i think is really evolved my childhood was very contemporary my training became more traditional and for me when most people are learning to edit and take things away I i really have to learn how to add more so i think it’s given the accessibility that’s very tailored and I try and look at faces and their basic forms and shapes and proportions and then embellished from there I think that growing up my father was very into architecture and he built the house I grew up in it was very contemporary it was built in 67 all out of poured concrete brutalist style and now it’s all in fashion again but at the time it was a very unusual house so growing up I always craves a warm cozy home a little more leave it to beaver so for me.

I have the sensibility of contemporary architecture but i really want to make sure this warm and family-friendly like now I’ve done enough renovations that I really know what I want and what I need and what works for my family there are challenges when it comes to looking at trends and looking at design elements i also appreciate so many different styles I love their contemporary spaces i love really official things too so for me at the art is really just melting both of those ironically it takes me some time to get to the final product but once it’s done it’s done and I don’t change it we got that . we usually move

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