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Luxury Home

Interior Design – Luxury Home Walkthrough Solana Beach

Luxury Home. so you know what today is today is day one of an installed Solana Beach California and I can hardly wait to show you got that you know what to do so here we are at the entrance of our clients home we’ve completely painted all of the walls we took this used to be at really orangie color wood so we ghosts coated it in a nice chocolate stain.
And we change the carpet on the staircase what do you do when you have funky niches well you try to put something cool in there or you do what i do i say get rid of the niches that we’ve drywalled it over and painted it and now it’s just a clean nice staircase now this living room was kind of funny before it had these big ginormous columns over here which we have now replaced these beautiful wood stained columns it graduates deeper deeper and thicker at the bottom there’s a reason for that this marble tile floor was existing in the house and the clients did not want to replace it and I didn’t want to either but because they were such big round columns here before we have to make sure that whatever we replaced it with could be even a narrower stature here but still cover up the hole in the floor once we took those columns out.


I decided to create a custom built-in I think that Oscar did such a great job on this when you’re done drilling the holes would you please vacuum ok we put wallpaper on this back wall look at this wallpaper see how this is recessed in here this will allow our custom painting to go on this wall and a clip light to be on the front of the painting and to light up the painting itself but because this is recess to plug itself will fit behind that painting beautifully and will not cause that painting to be pushed out we stayed with the idea of keeping this a pool table room we paneled it and we put in a fireplace now here’s the deal we have speakers those are disgusting.

I do not like white speakers on a dark wood cabinets so tomorrow my fellow finish artist is coming over and she’s going to paint those out to look exactly like that would family going to look so great let’s see if I can have some light a little bit there we go so right off of the lambs pool table room and the bar is a powder room I love to do powder rooms and I like to do a little bit more drama in there because you’re not in there very long but you can make it kind of a stylized statement take a look at this wallpaper cool just think it’s so fun it’s kind of like under the sand dat dat dat you know talking about round the client has so nicely gone around and put up pictures of what art pieces he wants we’re now that’s involvement on the part of your clients the clients didn’t really want to completely rip out everything they had in their kitchen so we kept the existing cabinets but we changed the cabinet door styles so we painted them out and Oscar changed all the cabinet doors to this really nice shaker-style cabinet he’s putting on the two handles now in a brushed nickel and we put in a new brush nickel faucet isn’t this cool we got some red knobs over here girls you know what red knobs mean right well other than that they mean Wolf Wolf I love wolf appliances you like it i do to follow me i’m going to take you to the guest room number one.

I had grace n you guys remember grace and yeah we’ll thumbs up for Grayson get bracing thumbs up we built me a reclaimed wood wall for this room because our client has this incredible surfboard that I saw when I came to his house for the first time look at the front of it not beautiful this right here is what they’re going to use this space for they didn’t know so i said how about an exercise room the view out these windows is going to be incredible we even have little things on the floor that you can plug that you know me I like the idea of having exercise equipment that needs to be plugged in because i’m thinking somehow it’s less work right if it does the work for you that’s my kind of exercise equipment I want you to see the new office space now both of our clients are doctors or physicians but they still work from home a little bit i don’t know why or what I think they have patience here look at this oh who would have thought you’d probably just thought that was a column and you probably think this is one too but you’d be right if you looked at this one of thousands colleges haha not look at that’s a lot of extra storage but a lot of style at the same time I like to go from hardwood to hardwood looking tile in rooms that get what this looks like such a boring room doesn’t it it’s just white and the carpets almost white it’s just white white white so you know what i would say i would say you need to come back and check out the reveal because if you know anything about me I am many things but boring is not one of them from this guestroom I’m excited about because it’s really fun look at this we have another queen size bed and this one’s got a little more pizzazz going into it right leave me a comment below and tell me before you even see the final review of this house which of the top to bed will actions which of all three guest bedrooms guest bedroom surfer guest bedroom white boring or guest bedroom blue and white nautical which one do you think is going to be the biggest Wow modern clean entry hey how you doing Randy hey guys it’s Randy my favorite electrician very large master bedroom large enough to have a sitting area and the bed so we have a beautiful king-size bed great bedding a new headboard footboard a bench at the end of the bed this is our window treatment guy huh had your typical cabinet custom not even custom just tracked on cabinet and it was weird so I got rid of them pulled the wall forward and look at this style it is so subtle it sounds sexy don’t you see here.

I completely took out all the existing cabinetry and redid all the cabinet’s left and the water even comes out in a flat about anything i would say i don’t know slight difference from what they had before brand new shower awesome rain head in a square pattern and look at it i really like this handheld because you can sing in the shower like a professional and like you can see yourself in the mirror and you can like really get your your groove on when good call signed mr client can’t with you to see the complete reveal of this home and Solana Beach California so come back i don’t know maybe that what we’re gonna be doing this for a week and will take a little time to edit the video but yeah and a couple of weeks and we will have the reveal of the solana beach home alright guys thanks for joining me today and that and so Randy would like to say goodbye goodbye everybody thank you next time we’ll see you next time to wait here this is an impressive oh my gosh that should not work that way oh it comes this way too

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