Interior Design Trends 2016
Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016

Interior Design Trends 2016. this time around we’re going to explore was training and to see where these trans have popped up before in the sixties the seventies and eighties nineties and early two thousands i’m also going to talk about the color trends I did last year two separate videos but this year I decided to go ahead and combined it so if you want to see what’s going to be showing up in our home interior stores over the next year they stick around and let’s get started our first trend is geometric decorative tiles this train will be showing up in kitchens and bathrooms in a major way and you’ll be seeing more of the Octagon towels being used but this is not anything new this tree and made an appearance in nineteen eighty notice the towel on the island and here it is again in a new interior on the bathroom floor and it’s still very stunning up next on mixed metals there’s always been a myth that you can’t mix metals in the same interior if you’re using gold you have to use all gold and energy using silver you have to use silver but in these next interiors.
You’ll see that mixing metals can create a pull together and luxurious feel in your space this trend started a couple years ago but it’s not anything new here’s an interior from 1990 showing the use of the mixed metals and when it’s done right it definitely takes you into your space to another level pretty pendants is our next trend these new establish pendants are like jewelry for your room but this is not anything new back in nineteen sixty-nine notice dependent about the island very similar to the one that was just recently featured in house beautiful and grouping a number of light fixtures to get is becoming an even bigger trend but it’s not anything new it showed up on the scene in 1994 but definitely this is a trend that can really make a huge impact in your space.

Interior Design Trends 2016


And using Color pendants like in this picture from nineteen sixty-nine can definitely infuse some much-needed color in a stark interior pedestals this is definitely not a nutrient what I love about pedal stones is that they can bring some drama and can be a great space filler in your interior decor notice in this picture from 1976 what the petals use right at the front door and if you’re looking to amp up your interiors try adding a pedestal displaying a great piece of art the next trend is bit linens with pizzazz we spend a third of our lives sleeping in our bed so one not have our bids look spectacular you’ll definitely see the bidding and lending companies pulling out all the stops in this coming year but this is not anything new Phil Chris back in nineteen seventy six display that you’re betting shouldn’t be forgetting and it should always have some pizzazz next on our list are graphic throw pillows this is my favorite trend.

Because I make the laws for one but it’s definitely a trend that you can get on board with very easily and when you tire of the pillows you can just change them out you can add them to your bed your sofa anywhere you want to add a little spice in a room but this is definitely not a new trend back in an architectural digest 1976 shows the use of the toss pillow again in 1969 notice the graphic pillows on the sofa and also this is one of my most favorite rooms from the architectural badges 1969 this room is such great design notice the use of the graphic throw pillows up next our Guatemalan and artesian fabrics this room really started last year with the use of the Walden and the natural textures but this is not a nutrient Architectural Digest feature is from schumacher in 1969 the mine to collection what I love about this trend is the calming effect that it has in your space so definitely check this one out for 2016 next up is fabric wall arm I brought this up into three categories the first category is the macramé or strange hangings this trend actually started last year but now it is definitely picked up some stained using more colors but this is not anything new notice this picture potential digest 1976 and you’ll see this trend definitely picking up even more steam in 2016 in fresh and unusual ways notice the lion’s head in the bag second up in this category are tapestries or just fabric wall hangings you can definitely take a tapestry or a large piece of fabric and just hang it on your wall to deadly take of wall space and to introduce additional textures and colors and third in the fabric while hanging category you can simply just take pieces of beautiful fabric and rate them around canvases to create your very own wall art and this can be an economical way to treat your walls up next is traditional tableware so yeah it is time to break out with those wedding dishes your grandmother’s dishes you’ll see this trend taking off with some very beautiful place settings in 2016.

And what I love about this train this is a great opportunity to really sit down with your family the electronic devices social media everything can be turned off you can sit down and actually have a wonderful meal with your family and do it in style but this trend of course is not anything new here’s a picture from house beautiful circa nineteen eighty-one of a lovely dinner table scape using the blue and white and if you’re daring why not go outside for a dinner when spring and summer rose around but this train is definitely way to go around the family back together for a good sit down the office desk the office death has never really gone anywhere they’re making a huge statement by being more stylish and the home but this is not anything new the architectural digest circle 1968 notice the desk also more contemporary and 1969 and a can in 1976 this is definitely a staple in the American home if you have to work from home if you’re going to work from home why not make it stylish and beautiful in our next tree and actually group two together scandinavian and def design scandinavian design is characterized by a minimalistic clean lines Lightwoods that you see in these pictures but this is not anything new notice the interior from 1970 with the scandinavian field can definitely check out our key they have the scandinavian design furniture to help you easily transform your space but in death design which are characterized by blue and white owls not to be confused which in watery but it’s more of a country feel notice and this picture from 1990 3 4 random 1993 it made an appearance and again here is a picture from.

And has beautiful 2011 with these towels and to pick more of a floor or arrested design notice on the walls and again on the pottery I found a design in the interior design trends are glamorie rooms and what a glam room is a family room that is taken up a notch we know that the family room is a space together and kick off our shoes and and gotta watch TV but this year people are putting a little more time and effort into decorating these faces so you might want to take a look around at your family room to see if you can amp up the style this is not a new trend in 90 textual gadgets 1968 notice this glamour II room with the furry pillows the gold tables the bearskin rug on the floor pretty sure is full but these spaces are being reclaimed with style in hand this room is by our own YouTube Rebecca Robeson of that room these rooms are stepping it up a notch for keeping the whole family in mind now let’s move on to the color trends for 2016 sure William selected alabaster as their color of the year benjamin moore select it simply white as their color of the year exxonmobil selected cherished goal is their color of the year Pittsburgh paint selected paradise found is their color of the year and pantone selected the twins of rose quartz and serenity as their colors of the year White is not as easy to work with to have a pull together interior as many people think it does take a skill hand to create spaces that don’t look stark but warm and lived in this is not a nutrient to use the white notice in 1976 but if it’s done right white can be pretty spectacular our next color trend is gold this color is characterized by the more deeper.

And richer die but this model shade of gold has made its way on the same many times before on appliances housewares and even on a pool table notice this picture from nineteen sixty-nine this color has once again been resurrected for 2016 our next color is green or a shade of green Pittsburgh paint is calling this color paradise found this color green falls under the cooler tones in the green family 0this could be a great color to add to an accent while first and color play but 6this is not a new shade of green notice this picture from Architectural Digest 1969 you always can tell that this picture is that old and this color showed up again in 1976 this color can definitely cool and south in your interior space and finally the dynamic duo of pink and blue I think we are so accepting of these colors because we do see them in nature this time around they definitely have matured from what you typically think of pink and blue but this is not anything new pretty much in every decade pink and blue has shown up on the scene this is from Architectural Digest 1976 it made another appearance in house beautiful circle 1981 and again in Miranda circle 1995 and if you’re feeling a little daring to add to your interior space the pink and blue I am pretty sure that you’ll find plenty of items to incorporate into your interior design space yeah that’s it from me into your country

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