Luxury Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Luxury Master Bedroom. I’m gonna be talking all about master bedrooms and how you can turn yours into a luxurious sanctuary without having to spend a ton of money and also i’m going to show you guys what I’ve done with my bedroom
I will leave a link down below and we’re gonna go ahead and jump right into it in my opinion the most important thing that you should definitely invest in save up if you need to is your mattress don’t skip out on the comfort of your bed because that’s going to set the mood for your entire day if you don’t have a good night sleep and nothing else really matters and that’s what your bedroom should be a sanctuary therefore you should have really good rest and she’ll look forward to plucking on a super comfortable bed every single night ok so now let’s talk about headboard you really don’t have to spend a fortune on head towards the headboard that I wanted was so ridiculously expensive you guys we had just moved into this house.

Luxury Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

So I knew I had no business spending that much on the headboard so I looked into alternative options and I decided to go custom you would think that custom is more expensive but it’s actually cheaper because you get to select the materials and then you also get to design it so I thought pictures of different head words that I liked and I went into an upholstery shop all I did with google upholstery shop near me and then I just looked at for reviews and I selected one and i went to a consultation I kind of explain to him what I wanted what I didn’t want from each picture what color I wanted it with material i wanted it and he gave me the top price with all the top align things and then once I got that number i was like okay that numbers to hide this is where I want to be and then we started taking away things so we chose different fabrics to make it a little more affordable we added less testing to make it more affordable I didn’t sacrifice the hike that was very important to me I think the material that i did with faux suede or Foe velvet one of the tube i originally wanted a velvet head work but yeah I was not ready for that what he told me that price i was looking at what do you have that is like half of the practice and I got my dream headboard for so much less than it would cost me how gone and purchase it at the store brand you okay next thing that can really make a huge difference in your master bedroom is the area rug and even if you have carpet you can still use an area rug to frame your bedroom think of an area right like the eyebrows of the face if you use an area right that’s too small what it does is it gives you the illusion that your room is a lot smaller than it actually is you definitely want a large rug something that’s going to be longer than your bed both ways so another thing that’s going to help from your bed and just frame your entire bedroom is pillows and.

The way that you position them I think that there’s really no right or wrong way of doing it but there is a way that you can kind of balance them out and just make it look proportionate and even i’m going to insert a chart that I found online so you guys can have kind of like a guideline and of course when it comes to decorating your home or putting things together everything is up to you everybody’s different everybody likes different things but I do find that this guide is pretty accurate based on my past experience my bed is set up kind of similar to one of the examples of the chart but i did a little bit different because I wanted I’m to personal pillows like two smaller pillows and then on top of the smaller pillows we keep the king-size pillows and basically those are just there to kind of hide the other pillows and then in front of that i added 3 euro shams so this is how I have my bed for the longest time exactly how you see it but then recently I decided to incorporate a little bit of sapphire into my room I just want to like a pop of color because i was getting a little bit tired of the monochromatic look so a good way to implement color of course with pillows and I love me some pillows to have this large fluffy one that i got from see gallery and I just got one because if you like a texture could be a little overpowering it’s already get more than one of it and then I found this other smaller one from home goods and it just happened to be the same exact color ok so now moving on to the size of that are the nightstands and I actually kind of regret the nightstands that we got we got them before we had our head for May and we got them before I really knew what i wanted to do with the room and they ended up being a very small and I don’t like that the bottom part you can see through it so it doesn’t have the cables and things like that so I thought I’d included as part just to tell you to definitely take into consideration your needs before you go out and buy furniture it was very difficult finding lamps to fit these tables but I got lucky and I did find these lamps at home goods and they happen to be a little narrow and see through because they’re made out of crystal so it definitely gives the illusion that the table is larger and you can fit more things on there I would also recommend if you are somebody that likes to read in bed or you like to have your hand cream in your doors and things like that that a good thing that you can do is either get a night’s and that has a door or get one of these little decorative boxes I found mine at home kids as well and you can store things like your lotions and things in there and it just it’s a nice place to also incorporate color and texture but it’s also going to hold all your clutter and it’s going to be like right there and it’s just going to give you that clean organized look.

I would say that our bedroom is a pretty good size I wouldn’t call it small by any means but the fact that i’ve got this massive headboard definitely took up a lot of space and it did kind of make the room feel a little bit smaller and then i also went great with the headboard so darker colors definitely take up more space in your room so what I did is got a mirror a giant leaning mirror and kind of angled it a little bit towards the bed and every morning that I wake up I see that and it just gives the illusion that everything is open and airy so if you guys find that you have the same problem try to find the wall that’s opposite to a window because that’s going to help bring more light into the room and i love it i got this mirror from the gallery by the way and the gallery actually has really good prices on these tall mirrors let’s talk traipse now this is actually the very last thing that we did to our bedroom it took us so long to figure out what type of drinks he wanted because I wasn’t even sure if I want to color so I was going to go with all white but then when I made the decision to use sapphire i went ahead and look for sapphire curtains and I found some at z gallerie so it’s just that i can give you for your curtains is to put them hi hi up so you know there’s always going to be a little bit of gap between the window seal at the top and then and the ceiling definitely try to put it as high up on the ceiling as you can this is going to give the illusion that you have super-high ceilings even if you don’t i’ll leave the link to the curtain rods that I used for my bay windows listed down below.

I know that’s a question that I get asked a lot to another piece of advice that I can give you that I learned the first time I put up curtains I put my rod up and then I added my curtains and the curtains ended up being like so far off the ground it looks like my house was wearing high water pants that even make sense so definitely have the curtains already on the rod when you decide to measure how high you want or how low you want it the currents that I have my map in my master bedroom are the longest one at the gallery offers which is a hundred and eight inches so that gives you a little bit of an idea last thing i want to touch on is the accent color which I’ve already kind of talked about throughout the video but i want to touch on it a little bit more on how you can incorporate color without going overboard definitely the first thing you want to do is make sure that all of your larger pieces are neutral colors so that’s why we decided to get the headboard great because great goes with pretty much anything to you guys can see my rug is white because that thing is not going anywhere because this headboard is bolted to the wall and we can’t move it you definitely wanna make sure that all of the accent color is evenly distributed throughout the room so you guys will see like in the bed i have the pillow on in that color blue and then i have the blue curtains on one wall and then on the wall opposite to my bad i have a dresser and I put these two bases that has the color blue.

And I’m so that definitely Tyson all the blue throughout the room I also was looking for like the perfect painting to go on top of this dresser and I just couldn’t find it and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it because i don’t know how long I’m gonna want the color sapphire to be my color so i decided to just make my own so I just got a picture frame from ikea and then I got this picture of the New York skyline that my husband took from the Empire State Building and I went on which is where I like to do all of my edits for pictures and things like that and i change the colors to match my room so all i did is i made the picture black and white and then I gave it a sapphire huge so all i did is they went on Google I googled sapphire sample and then a picture of the color sapphire popped up I took that and i saved it and then I went back to and once i had my black and white picture of my skyline I went to add my own shape and then I added that picture of a sapphire blue and i added a blend to it so i made it blend into the picture and I just expanded it so we gave it this gradient blue effect so gorgeous you would think that it was already like that but I did it for free online and all I had to do was pay three dollars were like four dollars to get a developed at costco so those are all the tips that I have to share with you guys if you guys like