LIVING ROOM TOUR . I’m going to be doing finally a living room for I don’t do up full apartment or because it would take forever and it’s crazy because although I feel like I definitely a neat freak it’s like so hard to keep everybody to check like David and the girls and now been so it’s like my apartment never completely how it’s supposed to be because I’m i constantly running around people picking up stuff but the living room is completely done i don’t have to add anything else in the living room so I figured we could start the tour off with the living room and i am going to be giving you guys a lot of details and hit I am NOT professional interior designer I’m just artsy girl that pretty much can use my creative side to complete anything to my liking get right into this video I don’t know if this is going to be really a blog or just a video probably a little bit of both could you guys know my blogs i like to have substance in my blog you guys to be inspired get some tips and all of that so it’s basically like the youtube video and blog put together that color palette of my living room is basically white we have some gold we have some gray and the other thing is texture is so important so you see I have the gold gold sequins and then of course texture with this faux fur which you’ll see a lot of fun fur in my living room we also have some green.


Which is kind of like accent color i would say that the gold in the green our accent colors but even the grain to which is a lot going on but it’s very beautiful I feel like it’s not like Oh too much you know you’ll notice here I have some stripes with my land we have a print on my chairs but it’s still green and why the lamp is gold and white but the Prince make it just look more chic on the phone for adding texture to your room the sequence that’s more texture gallery wall is what I think most people call it a gallery wall the fun thing if the items don’t have to be the same size it doesn’t have to be perfect you can just use different ones and make it however you want to it doesn’t have to be nice and precise or anything but i do have idea for you where it would be perfect if you want it like a perfect rectangle or whatever so what you can do which i’m not doing in this video.


Because I just figured this out not too long ago and I made redo the wall with this technique i’m out maybe find an image or something so you can see what I’m talking about so what you want to do is you want to have your pieces that you want in your gallery lay them down on a flat surface like the floor of how you want these to be okay once you have that you can use like are you use wrapping paper you can use any type of paper that’s going to be big enough to basically trace out each item for each canvas that you’re putting up tissue paper whatever paper you want to use but then you’re going to lay that tissue paper wrapping paper on each canvas and cut it out you’re going to do i trace it around so you wanted to be exactly the same size as each of your canvas prints then you can take up those cutouts and tape it up onto your wall once it’s taped and it’s exactly your layout you can use your nails to go ahead and put the nails up and then you can just rip the paper off and all the nails are going to be where they’re supposed to be for your Valerie they can take the actual canvas and put it up and it’s going to be perfect it’s so even if your canvas prints like some of my prints have armed have the little spokes or whatever little hooks where the nails are supposed to be you can actually trace that one your paper on the floor to make sure you know where those hooks need to be or where the nail needs to be i’m going to redo my whole gallery wall with that technique.

I saw it on pinterest and I was like even though I didn’t do it I’m gonna let them now here’s my gallery wall as you can see it’s not perfect and that’s why I feel like I’m a redo it so i can get it to be at least a little bit more straight first painting when you love what you have you have everything you need that one is from home goods this painting this world map and it’s metallic I got this i found is that Ross and Ross has a lot of QR pieces that are very inexpensive i think i spent twenty dollars on this and it’s a very nice size this little guy which is the wire arm art piece that I was telling you about this i found a hobby lobby and i’m pretty sure it is still there so you should definitely check out hobby lobby for some art pieces this smaller metallic piece this is a canvas but also like a shadow box type of peace and I think that is a stone in the center it is so pretty i love this and i found this at our eyebrows as well you’re all isn’t a queue alright and then this one used to be in my office area and i found this one from marshalls those together it’s all going and white basically and that one has a touch of color but yet all of these are different sizes they’re not anywhere near knee or anything but it just goes together it goes together really well the next thing i want to talk about is your bookcase I think it’s so important to have either a bull case and even the tips that i’m about to give you are great for coffee tables and tables anything any type of surface where you’re going to be presenting like little knickknacks okay see behind me.

I have Michael case this whole case is actually from ikea and i will link everything below in the description box but I just contact me I’m gonna go get a second one but it’s pretty big and I’m able to present likes a little knickknacks in a creative fun way basically on here I have some books that have some little decorative like little figurines greenery greenery is so important some examples of greenery are like these little guys which you guys these are fake plants and i got these from a little store called roses where I live it’s so like I the cheapest or you can find but they have really cute things in there you can find some good deals every once in awhile here are a few other ones that i got from roses as well these plants i also got from Target and actually came in a set of three so I do have another one sitting over here on my TV stand and they look so realistic because it has like kind of like the arm that I don’t know it’s like little brown pieces almost as if they’re like dying a little bit so these are so realistic because girl Michael and they died for real this toddler plan here actually got this from target as well on my I forgot how much it was but i’ll put it on the screen or in the description box but this thing is it looks so real and I did have a real plant like this and it was from walmart may die so yeah recently died the one from walmart and it was our I had since march so it’s a pretty well but then I was like you know what I was going to get a fake one I’m just target so there we go another green plant its fake its plastic like real faith but the dirty looks really realistic in it and I got this from ross most of the places i shop or ross marshalls target homegoods ikea.

And I think that’s the Hobby Lobby and always oh my god there’s so many stories i’ll have to make a list of all the stores out with the list right here of my favorite places to shop very inexpensive i barely fit anything on this type of stuff I’m so this plan actually put on my coffee table which I’ll show you my coffee table the coffee table i got it from target as well online and it was shipped just the other day I’m so most of the footage you seen of my living room i had a different table but this one came in so i did three film a little bit because this table just brought everything together and one that table since his goalie glass and it’s a statement piece of its own i didn’t want to put a lot of stuff when they’re so I basically put this coffee table book that i got from Ali I get all my books from Ali’s they’re very inexpensive and they’re really good books it’s over Winfrey Show book and the color scheme of the cover actually goes with the living room so I was like I definitely have to use that I just put one coffee table book one there i put this plant one there and as well this just this little cute pineapple that’s white and gold that matches with the whole color scheme so yeah that’s all I different coffee table 2 i found this at wrong and it’s really realistic this one is in plastic it’s more like a paper i don’t know i don’t even know what it is but it feels real night it’s kind of messy because some of the ones like that ok and i have this one of my coffee tables as well my end table the other thing that you want to do on your coffee table in tables or your bookcase is have some type of light figurines and sculptures is a perfect example of a figurine or sculpture.

I don’t even know what the college is something really cute and fun and again this goes with my goal theme and these are great as full toppers that of books it’s cute to just put a little topper on top of those books just to make it really fine inches creative is very visually appealing so yeah that is an example of a full topper really love this set because our it’s black ray gold and white so even though i don’t have any black in my living room I don’t mind it because it is kind of like a shade of gray darker gray you know just think of the color wheel I’m so yeah and i love that these are you know our Black Power basically and I don’t know these books that Ali’s this one is the jay-z decoded book and then the topper is gold so it goes really well with the whole theme is actually not green area is actually a little rose plant and I’ve done this plant at marshalls as well the ones are kind of expensive if it has no flowers they’re more expensive but yes I found this book at are always as well to estes book and its really cute i love it great book toppers or little knickknacks that you have on your coffee table your bookcase whatever are some great options are some plants greenery flowers on figurines I even have a blow up there I’m so yeah those are great options and yeah I think that’s all the advice I have for bookcase bookcases i also think that lighting is super important and as you can see here this light here i got from Target and it’s called a pendant my I think pendant lighting is such a nice little I don’t know kind of like a minimalistic type of feel to it I’m so this one actually has three lights and are you hang it from the ceiling doesn’t help me with that girl cos our ceilings are pretty high so I can’t even get to what you want to school so yeah so that might really cool here is another pendant light and it’s a dome shape it’s gold so you are but I haven’t hung this one up yet and i will be hanging it up and on my little milk area over there.

Where I just have this cute little chair and the chair is just a meanness so it’s an inexpensive chair that actually spray the legs gold and then it just made it come together and then this little gold little cube is from target and they’re on clearance right now for forty dollars i also have a little a little in table with drawers i found that marshals and it actually is damaged so I got that for twenty dollars the original price was a hundred dollars and then that lamp is from y’all this lamp i found that Ali’s they had a whole bunch of I found it at always they were 1999 I was like yes ma’am and at that time I was really strapped for cash so I was only able to get one and i was like i’ll just go back and get another one another time i went back yard they were gone and then I swear maybe like six months later I found them at hobby lobby hobby lobby’s prices 89 90 9 like what the good thing is on at hobby lobby on their website they have a forty percent off coupon all the time but still that’s crazy my no i don’t know why they marked them up that much anyway pendant light so much fun i also have a few other lights that i’ll show you and arm the one target lamp right here that when i forgot to mention was put in a bio or the description about this other one here actually got it from walmart and it was brown.

And I spray painted it gold I need to get a spray paint so you guys can see what I used to spray because I pretty much spray painted everything gold in my house the gold spray paint that i use on pretty much everything i spray-painted my whole living room gold so most of the items that I picked out if they were not gold I would spray-paint them goal for example i have a mirror vanity mirror that was silver from target i take up the mirror and then spray painted it with this and I have a plan that i spray-painted I have um oh i spray-painted also my globe i spray-painted back as the the base of it was actually Bray on and i spray-painted that gold and then there’s another little wire figurine sculpture thing that was actually brown and I spray painted that one goal stuff here is called rest over it Leon I will know but it’s from walmart and it says that it bonds to plastic wood metal and so much more and it’s that is so true this top holes or everything i spray-painted the chair i spray-painted i have another chair where the little spokes were silver and i spray-painted those goal and it really lasts like it really does hopefully I gave you guys enough detail as far as ideas for your living space I feel like I’ve left out so much because I don’t really plan my videos i just talked as I’d oh I’m but i really love my living room I feel like you know I started out wanting like a minimalistic Michael living room but once I started to you know add more stuff ended up just being kind of cluttered a little bit but it’s still nice and clean the colors are very muted so it’s not too much.

And I love the look of it because my workspace and it’s our living room so i think i did a good job of making it chic modern I still homie and stylish at the same time and it still has a studio feel to it so i really love it but hopefully the ideas and tips that i gave you you can still make it your own but take some of these tips because all the tips I gave you no matter what your style is you can still use them i think the most important thing when you’re doing your living room or a space you need to you need to have a color scheme your color scheme should not be a whole bunch of colors and I would stick like i said to 13 or 12 4 colors and really stick to though no matter if it’s in different patterns or solid and definitely add some texture in there the other thing is have an accent metallic accents are my favorite which goal obviously is my accent and plants always make it very very homey I think having greenery and flowers is a good thing to do all my faux fur rug that’s a tongue twister on my farm rugs are from marshalls in target no marshals and Ross they have they’re inexpensive items there my pillows same thing only one of my pillows which is the gray 1i got from target but the white ones i got from marshalls in bra that’s it thanks for the compliment you guys

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