Room Decor DIYs – Budget Home Decor Craft Ideas 2016

Room Decor DIY. i’m gonna be showing you some DIY room decor ideas because i feel like i haven’t just sat down and done plain old room to cool for you guys in a long time I know what’s going on this bit of have right here so let’s just ignore that yeah and just before i get into the video i wanted to make mention of an app that I’m absolutely loving at the moment and it is the apps well and they have kindly made this video possible today so thank you so well but I promise you guys I absolutely love this app and I wouldn’t show you guys something that.
I didn’t like all that was completely irrelevant like steak knives or baseball bat or that sounds like an incredibly violent set of items so impossible it’s a cute little whale icon and let’s just take a minute to appreciate how cute that is but what’s well is basically as it’s the decision-making app which is incredible if you have very indecisive person like myself if you sat in a restaurant and you’re like I don’t know whether I want to have salad or a pizza those are two very different things but if you can decide what you want and you want some help this app will get other people to vote on your pictures and then you can make a decision that way so what will happen is you post a picture and pop up on the homepage like this and other people will just vote for the one that they like it’s really addictive and I can be on here for ages like just tapping on all of the different things so you’ll have a profile and as you can see i have some active swells and some ones that have finished already.

Room Decor DIYs – Budget Home Decor Craft Ideas 2016

I posted this one a few days ago to decide what color nail polish to use and as you can see this light blue he loved one and that’s the 1i put on my nails it’s getting a little chipped and gross so few minutes ago I tried this one and already has 18 votes of the pop of color is winning so that’s what I’m gonna do next and as you can see you can take pictures using your camera or you can actually upload using your camera roll so as well as really helpful if you are very indecisive person like me and i definitely recommend you guys go check it out i will leave all the information in the description box below i will leave my profile so if you download app and you want to follow me you can do that i’m looking for people to follow so if you follow me i’m going to a whole bunch of people back and thank you again to 12 from making this video possible it helps me make more content you guys and it keeps my channel going and without further ado let’s get into this DIY room decor video so to start.

I’m going to show you guys how I made this arrow picture display and this can be customized to your taste as well so I’m taking a piece of chipboard shaped like an arrow and I’m painting the sides of it and opposing color that kind of looks good with the scrapbook paper I’m using but doesn’t match it and then I’m going ahead and trace around the arrow and cutting that out of scrapbook paper mod project that onto the front of the arrow and then I took these die-cut frames from the craft store and I painted them and different colors and I put some pictures that I printed off on the arrow and I made sure to mod podge these on the first and then put the frames on top just to make sure everything fits in place the way I wanted it i also used to coat of Mod Podge on top of the pictures and the frames to make sure it was a clear glossy finish and then that is it I hung it on the wall and i’m pretty happy with the result it’s just a nice way to display your memories moving swiftly on i’m going to show you how I made this iridescent confetti strand tray and it’s so simple to make all I did was take a tray from a thrift store and painted white and I’m taking this stuff from the dollar store in the like party supply section you use it and gift wrapping and iridescent and put that on the bottom of the tray and then I took a piece of clear plastic you can buy this online but I use mine from an old frame and I cut it to size and i literally just put it on top to cover the iridescent stuff and this sort of looks like i’m really pleased with the effect and it was so cheap and easy to make this next.

DIY is almost kind of a h[a]ck because it’s so easy i’m just going to show you how to upcycle a dinner plate mad that i got for a dollar so i picked this out hobby lobby in the discount section like I said it was a dollar i love the print on it and all i’m doing is giving some pom-poms to it using my hot glue gun so I flipped it over hot glue the edges and glued the pom-poms on it you can find these placements really cheap and a variety of different places so take a look if you want to try and make one of these I think this would look really cute under a desk or something and lastly when I was in the dollar store i picked up a little plate and I was like what can i do this to DIY it so i turned it into a little cactus plate so all I did to make this would take that plate and then using a paint pen that i got from Walmart and I’m literally restoring a little cactus shapes all over the plate and making them look kind of slightly different so they all have their kind of own personality if that makes sense and then I’m adding some polka dots to and if you make a mistake with this you can go in with a q-tip and some nail polish remover and get rid of it before it dries i would recommend using a clear acrylic gloss coat of spray paint on the top of it to make sure it doesn’t chip and that will protect your design even more so that is everything I have to show you guys in this video today i hope you liked it let me have inspired you guys to go

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