DIY Kitchen Decor
DIY Kitchen Decor

The Secrets To DIY Kitchen Decor

DIY Kitchen Decor . I thought this was a really good idea and i really liked this request so i decided to take up on that and do some DIY kitchen decor these decor items are super easy to make they are so simple almost near effortless so i hope you guys really like them i decided to make this video super easy for any of you guys so you guys can recreate them and you know of course if you recreate any of my DIYs make sure to take a photo on Instagram and give it the hashtag andyy and tagged me at Mandy nicole i would love to see you guys this recreation as always so let’s just jump right into with that now shall we so the first DIY we’re going to be making these adorable condiment jars and this is also really great way to recycle some old candle jars so for this you’re going to need an old candle jar some double-sided tape a permanent marker some paper and a knife so start off by taking your candle and putting it in the freezer overnight this is going to help you get the wax out of the candle much easier than you normally would when the wax is completely room temperature so once that has been frozen overnight you’re just going to take it out and take a knife.
¬†And just carefully just kind of jab it into the wax and eventually it will break up into chunks just like this it just takes a little bit of time and just remove your labels from your candle jar and then you’re going to wash it completely you’re going to make sure that every single little bit of wax is completely out of your jar and that goes for the lid as well leave those to dry and then while that’s drying you can just make your label by taking a piece of paper and cutting it into a smaller piece of paper and then write whatever condiment is going to be in this jar i decided to put salt in this jar then you’re going to flip it over and take your double-sided tape and pretty much put a ton of the tape on the back this is going to ensure that the label will stay on your jar and once you’ve done that just take your label and put it anywhere you like on your jar then just add the condiment of your choice inside of the jar and that is pretty much it is super simple really cute and it looks great in the kitchen is also very good storage place for those condiments so now on to the next.

DIY Kitchen Decor


DIY this is going to be a tiered holder for your sponges and dish soap so this is super cute and easy as well so all you’re going to need is a plate a washcloth a candlestick and of course a hot glue gun so start off by taking your hot glue gun and quickly and carefully put the glue around the top rim of the candlestick you’re going to want to put a lot of glues make sure that the plate will stay nice and tightly onto that candlestick so take your plate and press firmly onto the top of the candlestick you’re going to want to hold it for a good minute or sell once that is completely dry just take your washcloth and drape it on top of your shoulder and then add your desired items on top i just added some sponges and some soap and that is pretty much it for that DIY and the last one is my personal favorite a very cute little sign just to put in your kitchen for some decoration and some preserves so for this you’re just going to need some thin wood or a plaque i found this kind of wood at the craft store some Mod Podge some brown acrylic paint an exacto knife and ruler a paintbrush and a sponge tip brush and some stickers you’re also going to need a cutting mat and in addition of hot glue gun a nail file and some decorative ribbon start off by taking your wood and placing on your cutting that I had to do this just because I didn’t have the correct shape that I wanted with this one it’s nice and been an easy to cut so that’s why i am using an exacto knife to cut this would so when you’re cutting it you just want to go over the spot you would like to cut just a couple times and then the piece of wood should be able to break off so that is exactly what i am doing here and I’m removing just some access and also to double the plaque that i am making i just cut two pieces of the same shape now taking a nail file just file the raw edges on the wood.

If you have some sandpaper great but if you don’t this works just as well once you have done that you’re gonna want to glue the two pieces together working quickly and carefully you’re just going to put some hot glue on your piece of wood since I wanted to double mine i had to do this step but if you don’t you can completely skip this step so I’m pressing firmly now with the second piece of wood on top and now they should be glued together and let that dry for a little bit so now it is time to paint just take a cup of water and some brown acrylic paint then take your paint brush dip it in some water then your paint and get rid of any excess and then just very lightly go over the board with your brush this is going to kind of add this rustic kind of feel to it and i really like the way this came out so to seal in that paint we’re just going to take some Mod Podge and go over the top of this you don’t have to do this step but i decided to just so would come out to be a really nice finish and make sure you let that dry completely before adding any stickers so once it is dry i’m going to add some stickers and when i’m doing is i’m spelling bone appetit which means enjoy your meal i’m not sure what language it is it’s either French or Italian but i decided that would be super cute on here and what’s great about these stick-on letters is you can move them around since the sticky part is not too strong so now i’m just adding some flowers on for some more decoration and to add a really adorable touch to this plaque and i’m going to add my ribbon and this is going to help me hang it onto a hook on the wall so just taking a piece of ribbon i’m measuring it out and cutting the amount that i want hot gluing each side onto one edge of plaque and adding some glue on top to make sure it’s after secure and there you know this sign is definitely be perfect piece to add your kitchen just add a little bit of personality and some people gasp

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