used kitchen cabinets
used kitchen cabinets

Used Kitchen Cabinets: What to Choose Between Working and Display Types


Did you plan on installing kitchen cabinets at home? Well, you don’t have to buy new ones if you can’t afford buying them. There are always more inexpensive ones to choose after all. It is if you are fine with them being used and not new. That being said, there are two types of used kitchen cabinets you can choose one from. Let us tell you each of them here and you can see which one would be the best one to go for you.

used kitchen cabinets
used kitchen cabinets by

Used Type #1 from Working Cabinets

Indeed, there is more than one type of used cabinets if you look up into it further. The first type is of course none other one from working cabinets. As you might have known, this cabinet type is one that has been used in home by other people to do kitchen work. Usually, it was removed from its first home when the homeowners want to do kitchen remodel. As you might have imagined, you can’t expect much from its conditions.

used kitchen cabinets
used kitchen cabinets by

Of course, new cabinets are all clean and functional. It has just about everything you can expect from new products. When it comes to the price though, you can’t possibly expect them to be inexpensive. They are brand new after all. On the other hand, the used working cabinets are basically dirty and beaten up. They can even be non functional or at the worst case scenario, nasty. Well, they were used before after all.

That is why you can’t expect much such cabinet. Still, it is the type you can go for if you are looking for the cheapest used kitchen cabinets. Considering the condition of them, you can always expect to get them at very cheap price. In fact, it would not be impossible for you to get them for free. If they can still be used or you are willing to repair them yourself, this type is the best one to go. Don’t worry! There is still better choice to pick.

Used Type #2 from Display Cabinets

Yes, if you wish to get better option to choose, you can always consider this type here. Why can it be better? Well, instead of being one right from the people’s kitchen, this type has its cabinets from the ones that are displayed in a home improvement store or kitchen/bath remodeling showroom. You will see they are displayed to look just like real kitchens. If they are used like that, is this type of cabinets available for people to buy?

Of course, it can be ready for sale as well. Usually, such cabinets will be sold when the store needs space, goes out of business, or wants to remove the outdated products. Since they are not used in real kitchens, they should still be good to go and you can have your own kitchen to cook diet menu at home. Indeed, they are not as good as new products. We can say their condition falls between the new and used ones.

They may be beaten up, but they should not be as bad as used working cabinets. Why, of course, it is because they have not been used at all for kitchen work after all. So, they can be dirty, but are not dirty with cooking grease and residue, of course. This type of used kitchen cabinets though won’t be as cheap as used working cabinets before. However, you can rest assured for they won’t be as expensive as new kitchen cabinets either. So, make your choice carefully by considering these things.

Description: Used kitchen cabinets may come from two different types. There is working type coming from real kitchen and display type from store or showroom.

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